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Blaze UI

Blaze is an open source modular toolkit. It provides great structure for building websites quickly with a scalable and maintainable foundation.

What makes Blaze different?

Blaze fills the gap between monolithic frameworks like Bootstrap, UIKit and Semantic, and "micro" ones such as Skeleton, Milligram and Min. It all depends on your situation and what problem you're trying to solve but we think Blaze can provide you with the best of both worlds.

More than just a grid

Micro-frameworks tend to sacrifice a lot of usefulness for the file size, leaving the developer wanting more.


Blaze uses accessibile selectors to help educate developers in the importance of enabling everyone to access your site.


Blaze won't automatically take control of any of your design unless you want it to.

Web Components

Blaze is a comprehensive starting point for any website. Our components provide great structure, designed to help you improve your development speed it has a shallow learning curve and intuitive naming conventions.


Built with a mobile first approach Blaze is fully responsive.


You can use any part of Blaze in isolation to make your payload small and focused.

Custom builds

In 3 easy steps you can have a custom build with easy to use variables and mixins.

Small size

It might be small but it's complete and easy to use.

Open Source

Blaze is open source, free and always will be. Pull Requests, suggestions or comments are all welcome and valued.

Hosted on Github

Our project is hosted on Github. Blaze Github!

MIT Licence

You can benefit from using Blaze in your own way.


Blaze will thrive on contributions from the open source community, so get forking!