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Custom Build

You may want to theme or override so much of Blaze that you should really build a customised version. The best approach is to grab the code from GitHub, change the variables and mixins and build the toolkit yourself.

Step 1

Clone the git repo:

git clone 

Step 2

Install all node modules:

npm i 

Step 3

Each pacakge should be developed independantly.

You can make changes to the CSS, Atoms and Site separately using the following commands:

npm run
npm run
npm run 

There is a demo output per package, that will be served on localhost and will update automatically as changes are detected.

Step 4

Every component should have tests.

The CSS is linted and the Atoms are unit and snapshot tested.

npm run scss.test
npm run atoms.test 

Step 5

Every change that is committed should have a committ message that follows the Conventional Commits specification.

To help construct good commit messages run the following command which will take you through a command line prompt which will construct the message based on your answers.

npm run commit